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Here are some commonly asked questions, but if I have not covered your question, feel free to email me

  • Where do you make Yippee! Sheets?

    I’m amazed at how many products are made overseas, especially in China. Although its much more expensive to manufacture domestically, I am very proud to say that Yippee! Sheets are designed and made in Toronto, Canada. In fact, most of the fabrics are manufactured in Canada or the U.S. so you can feel good about supporting local!

  • How should I launder Yippee! Sheets products?

    To avoid shrinkage and to protect the waterproof material you should wash products in cold or warm water and either hang to dry or dry on low temperature in the dryer. DO NOT use fabric softeners or bleach and DO NOT dry clean. DO NOT Iron.

  • Which type and size waterproof bed sheet protector should I choose?

    Yippee! Sheets waterproof bed sheet protectors with tuck in flaps come in 2 sizes:

    • Twin/Double or Full Size: the waterproof bed pad area of a twin/double is approximately 43 inches wide. That will more than cover the width of a twin bed (standard twin beds are 39 inches wide). It will also perform well on a double/full bed (standard double/full beds are 54 inches wide) if you center the product on the bed. There will be a gap of a few inches on each side, however unless you child sleeps on the outer edges of the bed, this size should work fine.
    • Queen Size: the waterproof area of a queen waterproof bed sheet protector is approximately 58.5 inches wide. This will almost fully cover the width of a queen bed (standard queen bed is 60 inches wide).

  • Should I choose Yippee! Sheets bed sheet protectors with or without tuck in flaps?

    The tuck in flaps are designed to help keep the bed protector in place while the person using it sleeps. This is ideal for someone who moves around a lot while sleeping as tucking in the flaps will better keep the protector from bunching up and moving around.

    If the person does not move around much when sleeping, then you may not require the tuck in flaps. You just lay on top of the bed sheet protector while sleeping. If using for a child, I would recommend a Yippee! Sheet with tuck in flaps

  • How do I use Yippee! Sheet waterproof bed sheet protectors?

    You simply place the bed protector on top of the bottom sheet and tuck in the flaps under the mattress to secure it in place. If you choose a protector without flaps, just place it beneath the person requiring the product.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Refunds can be provided on products that have not been used and are in its original packaging within 14 days of receiving the product. Please email for further information.

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Awesome.  I love the product.  My son had an accident and it was so convenient. So convenient!!!  And usually my little guy is so sensitive about making a mess but he didn't feel as bad because there was no big production of stripping the bed.”
Natasha, Toronto

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Thank you for taking the time to visit so that I can introduce you to my new line of Canadian made, waterproof products designed specifically for potty training, bedwetting, adult incontinence and more! 

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