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Welcome to Yippee! Sheets.

Thank you for taking the time to visit so that I can introduce you to my new line of Canadian made, waterproof products designed specifically for toilet training, bedwetting, adult incontinence and more!

  • Potty Training and Bedwetting

    The idea for waterproof “pee” protectors came to me when I was toilet training my two boys (now 5 and 8). When they were 3 and it was time to switch them from pull-ups to “big boy” underwear, I was always a little concerned about where and when they might have accidents. I knew accidents were part of the process and I didn’t want to get upset if they had them.  But I found myself nervous when they sat on different surfaces around the house like on our nice chairs and couch, and more so when it was on a friend’s chair or couch or when we were at a restaurant or cafe! It was even trickier when I had them in a stroller or car seat because it was harder to clean and dry those seats, especially while on the go.

    It seems that for many kids, staying consistently dry throughout the night takes much longer to achieve (sometimes years longer).  Although they will go to the toilet during the day, it’s more difficult at night because they are deep sleepers and/or too scared to get up in the dark.  I recall how frustrating it was to wake up in the middle of the night and have to change all the bedding.  I thought that there had to be a faster and easier way.

    As a result of these experiences (and frustrations), I decided to launch Yippee! Sheets. In addition to toilet training and bedwetting, they can also be used for:

  • Menstruation

    Heavy periods may mean leaks during the day and night. Seat protectors and bed sheet protectors can come in handy during this time and save your seats and sheets from stains.

  • Post Natal Bleeding

    No one told me about heavy bleeding after having a child. After the birth of my first child, I thought something was seriously wrong with me given the amount of blood loss until the nurse assured me it was normal. I could have used the seat and bed sheet protectors! (Actually Yippee! Sheets would make a unique shower gift – both mom and eventually the child could use the products).

  • Illness

    Vomiting, diarrhea and all the good stuff that comes with being sick. Fun stuff. Yippee! Sheets can help keep surfaces protected so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up furniture, car seats and bedding.

I hope that you find Yippee! Sheets to be super helpful, convenient and easy to use.  Please feel free to send me your thoughts, comments and questions – email me at

From my family to yours,


  • “Yippee! Sheets are amazing! So quick and easy to change. My son and I can both get back to sleep more quickly now. THANK YOU!"

    ~Shelly, Toronto
  • “I love, love love these products. I am always nervous that my daughter may have an accident on our couch or in the car…or at a play-date! Now I’m much more relaxed because I know these products will keep things dry.”

    ~Lisa, Oakville
  • “Finally, a great alternative to the disposable adhesive bedmats. Yippee is easy to put on, doesn't leave a sticky residue on my sheets and best of all I can wash it and use it again - great for the environment and my wallet."

 How Yippee! Sheets Work


Awesome.  I love the product.  My son had an accident and it was so convenient. So convenient!!!  And usually my little guy is so sensitive about making a mess but he didn't feel as bad because there was no big production of stripping the bed.”
Natasha, Toronto

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About us

Thank you for taking the time to visit so that I can introduce you to my new line of Canadian made, waterproof products designed specifically for potty training, bedwetting, adult incontinence and more! 

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