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Waterproof One-Size Protectors WITHOUT Tuck-In Flaps

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 Product Description

Finally! No more changing the bottom bed sheet and mattress protector in the middle of the night. Yippee! Bed Sheet Protectors cover the bottom sheet so if there is an accident, you can quickly and easily change the bed protector instead. No fuss, no muss. That means everyone gets back to sleep more quickly too. Select from a variety of prints. For Ages 3+. Launched by a Canadian Mom, Made in Canada with Premium Bedding Fabrics!

One-Size Bed Sheet Protectors WITHOUT tuck-In flaps:

• Multi-use - can be used on beds or other surfaces that need protection such as couches, rugs, play areas, cars, dog beds and more.
• 100% cotton top, absorbent middle and waterproof bottom that is
   NOT VINYL so no "crinkling" sound.
• No tuck-in flaps so suitable for people, namely adults who don’t move around as much while sleeping. Recommend "with flaps" for kids.
• Ideal when "on the go” or for use on hotel/guest beds. 

Size: Bed pad approx. 42” width by 39” length
Top layer: 100% cotton
Middle layer: 65% polyester, 35% rayon
Bottom layer: 100% polyester backed polyurethane 

 How Yippee! Sheets Work


Awesome.  I love the product.  My son had an accident and it was so convenient. So convenient!!!  And usually my little guy is so sensitive about making a mess but he didn't feel as bad because there was no big production of stripping the bed.”
Natasha, Toronto

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About us

Thank you for taking the time to visit so that I can introduce you to my new line of Canadian made, waterproof products designed specifically for potty training, bedwetting, adult incontinence and more! 

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